Bella Baby Midi Nappy from 5-9kgs.


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Bella Baby nappies have a nice print on the front and is very comfortable for your baby to wear. This packet of nappies is for babies from 5-9 kgs. There are 82 nappies in one packet and you will also receive 10 nappy plastic bags to dispose nappies when changing by Bella Baby.

With your baby's growth, the nappy has changed slightly to allow your baby room to grow freely. Mobility of your baby during this period of life is the rason why the nappy is designed in that way, so that your child's daily activities does not cause unpleasant symptons associated with skin abrasions. Specially designed elastic waist and cuffs colour, placed along the nappy make nappy Bella Baby Happy Midi adapt to the baby's body. The breathable nappy gives a sense of comfort and protection to the delicate skin from nappy rash and the outer layer for free flow of air allow the baby's delicate skin to breathe. The extra absorbent layer is covered with soft mesh like premium fabric that enables absorption of urine and loose stools.

Elastic flounces inside the sides of the nappy to hold the moisture inside, which prevents leakages and increases the comfort of wearing a nappy. The strong velcro tapes guarantee proper fastening and is a perfect fit for the baby. The nappy features a special stump notch that allows for air flow, which faciliates healing and minimises the risk of irritation. This nappy abosrbent core contains green tea extract which is known for its antibacterial properties which effectively neutralises odours.


  • Chlorine Free
  • Odour stop
  • Quick and High Absorption
  • Latex Free
  • Air Breathable
  • Contains Green Tea Extract

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