Snugzeez Muslin Bunny Comforter - Polka Dot


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Snugzeez Comforters have been designed using materials babies already associate with sleep. Muslin wraps are used in the warmer months and bunny rugs in the cooler months. With this in mind, our comforters are made with the same fabrics, which allows baby to feel secure and relaxed when given their Snugzeez Comforter for bed.
Many mums place the comforter in their top for the first night to catch their own scent before giving it to baby. This way, babies take to it straight away as a part of their sleep routine, this is especially good when weaning baby from being swaddled.
Your baby will have all the comfort and security they need at bedtime when being tucked in with their Snugzeez Bunny Comforter. Babies love the silky smooth ears of the bunnies. Combined with the muslin knots, the Snugzeez Comforter helps babies to have a snugglier sleep.


  • Made from comforting & familiar fabrics
  • Allows baby to feel secure and relaxed
  • Helps to wean baby from being swaddled
  • Muslin top layer and muslin under layer
  • Silky smooth ears for baby to touch
  • Cotton muslin knots that baby loves to play with
  • The snugglier way to sleep
  • By Snugzeez

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